In February 2020, PPMI launched a study to develop a roadmap for the integration of the Lithuanian industry into European value chains. PPMI team will advise the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania per request of the DG Reform of the European Commission.

The study will aim to improve knowledge of the MoEI on the features of the Lithuanian enterprises, the challenges they face and their scope for development. This will be achieved through the micro-data analysis of Lithuanian companies that will mostly look at the added value of Lithuanian exports. Also, PPMI researchers will implement a hundred in-depth interviews with the Lithuanian firms to learn about the challenges and needs of the industry as well as cases of successful integration to the European value chains. Our team‘s work will contribute to the provision of the improved policy measures aiming at integrating Lithuanian companies into European value chains and implementation of those measures in the period 2020-2030.

By the end of a project, PPMI will propose a set of guidelines that over the long-term period will contribute to the creation of growth and jobs in the Lithuanian economy through a more competitive Lithuanian industry and its better integration into the European market. Finally, PPMI, together with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, will organise a dissemination event to present and discuss the proposed structural reforms such as updated policies for the promotion of trade, investment, digitalisation and automation of firms and similar. 

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