Developing and maintaining infrastructures is a fundamental condition for accessible and high-quality education and training. There is a growing consensus that learning environments, if designed well, have positive impacts on pupil performance, safety, and health. Moreover, global drivers of change such as migration, the COVID-19 pandemic, fast technological innovation, and the transition towards a greener economy have set new ambitions and challenges for educational infrastructures. Therefore, not surprisingly, the need for smart, effective, and inclusive investment in education infrastructure has featured high on the agenda of the EU. It has been among the overarching priorities of the European Commission over the last decade, and even more so within the last few years.


Against this background, PPMI will map, compare, detect and examine good practices of and provide the European Commission with recommendations on the following:

  • Methodologies used for investment in educational infrastructure, including the ones adopted for planning, forecast and gap analysis, execution and monitoring, funding sources and delivery modes, actors involved and their roles.
  • Recent trends in investment in educational infrastructure, including investment priorities, objectives and context, scope, source and gaps of investment, and investment results and impacts.

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