In October PPMI has been assigned to conduct the Study on the distance learning opportunities for Lithuanians living abroad by the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania. The study will focus on assessing the distance learning services provided by Lithuanian educational institutions to Lithuanian children living abroad (up to and including 18 years old), including:

1) analysis of educational needs of Lithuanians living abroad and whether/how the current distance learning services meet these needs;

2) analysis of legislation related to distance learning provision by Lithuanian educational institutions;

3) recommendations on legislation and further expansion of distance learning services.

Data collection and analysis methods include interviews (32-36 with teachers, 25-30 with parents), analysis of administrative and monitoring information, focus groups at schools and with national level stakeholders. In November PPMI has submitted the inception report, and the final results of the study will be available in July 2019.

For more information about the study, please contact senior researcher Alina Makarevičienė.


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