EIGE’s Gender Equality Index is one of the major tools supporting policy makers and civil society advocates to bring Europe closer to gender equality. It is designed with an aim to show how far away each Member State and the EU as a whole stand from reaching gender equality. As such, the Index increases awareness of gender inequalities in the EU that too often go unnoticed and unchallenged.

The country factsheets will embed the scores of the Gender Equality Index 2019 and their interpretations in a national context. They will provide a fuller picture of the situation and trends in the state of gender inequalities in EU Member States. For creating content and visualizing data, PPMI team will put a strong focus on principles related to storytelling with data. Following these principles, we will ensure to the maximum extent possible that our data reporting is focused on providing attractive and easily comprehensible content to a wide audience.

The project provides an important step in supporting evidence-based policy making, research and advocacy for progress towards gender equality in the EU Member States. The country factsheets will give policy makers and other users an update on positive developments and shortcomings in the area of gender equality. Bringing the struggle for the elimination of gender inequalities closer to a wide audience, this evidence has the potential to trigger wider participation of various stakeholders, including non-experts, in actions promoting gender equality.



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