PPMI has been entrusted with a Study on the Impact and Transformational Potential of the European Universities Initiative for DG EAC. The study’s general objective is to assess the impact and transformational potential of the initiative on participating universities and their cooperation as well as on the wider higher education sector, in view of their contribution to the objectives of the European Education Area, based on the progress made so far by the 41 European University Alliances. More specifically, the study will assess the impact on the governance and administration of participating higher education institutions, on their educational policy including, among others, curricula, teaching methods, transdisciplinarity, mobility and micro-credentials, on the different participating actors within institutions including students, academic and administrative staff and on higher education policies of the Member States. The study will also identify the key factors for success of the European Universities Initiative and provide recommendations at institutional, national and European levels.

During the 27-month study, in cooperation with several key experts in the field, the research team at PPMI will conduct desk research, interviews, surveys, focus groups, workshops, case studies and social network analysis. The study team will produce both analytical reports and materials for the general public such as summary reports on the 41 alliances and audio-visual testimonials.

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