PPMI has recently started a new study for the European Commission’s Prospective Platform, a new analytical tool of DG Education and Culture (DG EAC) aimed to provide thematic, rapid-response and qualified opinions in order to stimulate a European-level debate on the future of education.

The general objective of this ‘Prospective Report on the Future of Assessment in Primary and Secondary Education’ is to investigate and develop an informed view on how recent and ongoing educational, technological and socio-economic trends may influence the evolution of assessment of learning outcomes in primary and secondary education by 2030.

In the context of the ‘Future of Learning’ agenda, this study will also aim to understand how such changes will impact evidence-based policy developments in education in order to generate new forward-looking ideas at European level. The study will support the Commission in providing Member States with possible avenues for future medium-term policy developments in the area of educational assessment.


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