PPMI is carrying out a cost-benefit study to provide an input for the Impact Assessment accompanying a new EU legislative proposal for the harmonisation of road safety requirements for self-propelled mobile and towed machinery. The mobile machinery is mainly used in construction and the agriculture industries, as well as gardening and municipalities.


Currently road safety requirements for mobile machinery vary across EU Member States and cause significant avoidable costs:

  • lengthening time-to-market for new products,
  • creating obstacles to cross border activity by contractors and rental companies,
  • bringing road safety concerns in Member States with less stringent rules.


The study will build on existing evidence, updating, improving and filling in the gaps to measure the possible economic, social and environmental impacts of a new harmonised regulatory system. Our study will help identify the best policy option, with the largest long term net benefit for society, including the affected economic operators, EU citizens and Member States.


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