The European Parliament has just published PPMI’s study prepared for the CULT Committee: ‘Science and Scientific Literacy as an Educational Challenge’.

Building on a review of academic and policy literature, our study emphasises the crucial role of education in fostering scientific literacy and preparing citizens to tackle the threats of misinformation, disinformation and the influence of anti-scientific movements (e.g. anti-vaccination, climate change denial). Scientific literacy can provide tools to navigate and critically address the vast amounts of information exchanged in public debates, foster democratic political processes and ensure sustainable growth.

The study considers scientific literacy as the ability to engage with science-related issues in a social context as a reflective and responsible citizen. It provides a review of available evidence on scientific literacy among EU school students and attitudes of the general public towards scientific issues in Europe. The study also reviews the extent to which the concept of scientific literacy is integrated into educational policies and practices across the EU. It concludes by providing potential education policy responses to better prepare scientifically literate citizens and equip them to face the emerging threats of the ‘misinformation age’.

The executive summary and the full study are available here:


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