Last Thursday, the PPMI team invited around 30 representatives from various public sector institutions to get acquainted with the results of the mid-term evaluation of ESF investments into Smart Public Governance in Lithuania. The mid-term evaluation assessed the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of 2014–2020 ESIF investments in the field of public governance, including five specific objectives:

1) strenghening of the result-orientated governance;
2) increasing quality of public services;
3) increasing transparency and openness of public administration;
4) improvement of business regulation; and
5) improvement of management of human resources in the civil service.

The PPMI team presented the main results on the relevance, effectiveness and administrative efficiency of investments, providing relevant policy recommendations for the current and upcoming programming periods.

After the presentation, World café group discussions took place to consider the lessons learnt and opportunities to improve public governance in the future. The client was very grateful to the PPMI team going an extra mile by providing a practical training session instead of a formal presentation.

For more information about the evaluation, please contact Alina Makarevičienė.


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