PPMI, together with Ernst & Young, launched the project contracted by the European Commission‘s Structural Reform Support Service to provide technical support to improve the adult education system in Hungary.

The project team will support Hungary‘s Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT) in developing the country‘s adult education system to increase its quality and relevance. The project will contribute to the improvement of Hungary‘s adult education system through three main outcomes.

First, the project team will provide recommendations to develop a system to monitor the quality and relevance of the training programmes and set-up a trainee tracking system. Second, the project team will help the MIT in setting up an interactive skills mapping tool and present how a skills forecasting system could be established. Third, the project team will provide recommendations new set of incentives to foster quality and relevant training offers, which should eventually turn the Hungarian adult education system outcome-driven.

The project team will draw on extensive analysis of the current adult education system in Hungary and develop recommendations by taking into account good practices of and lessons learned by other countries in addressing similar situations.

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