In October 2019, PPMI together with its partner Ernst & Young, signed a contract with the European Commission’ Structural Reform Support Service and started providing organizational capacity building support for the Lithuanian Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA). VIPA  aims to strengthen its organisational capacity and conform with European Commission‘s Pillars Assessment requirements applicable to National Promotional Institutions (NPIs). The key aspects of VIPA‘s internal control environment to be analysed and improved during the project include:

  • the organizational structure of VIPA;
  • the risk management and risk control system
  • the human resources management system;
  • the internal communication system.

VIPA is rather unique among the other NPIs in the EU due to its small size and target audience. Assessment covers the existing VIPA‘s needs for organisational capacity, systems and procedures, as well as their likely future needs in the light of fast-evolving VIPA’s business areas.

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