In January 2020, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) contracted PPMI to prepare country factsheets for the Gender Equality Index 2020. Country factsheets are EIGE’s main tool for communicating Index results to an audience in the EU Member States.

Country factsheets provide a snapshot into trends and developments in gender equality at a country level, as measured by the Index. For the 2020 Index edition, they will also integrate additional information on the national policy response to main gender equality issues. This information will be drawn from country briefs prepared by national experts for all EU Member States, with an aim to increase the overall understanding of the direction where Member States are headed.

To develop the country factsheets, PPMI carries out an in-depth country-level analysis of the Gender Equality Index scores, indicators and other related data. We also support and coordinate the preparation of country briefs by national researchers and eventually synthesize the research results into country factsheets. Finally, our team develops graphic representation of data and other elements to synthesise and retain text-based context more effectively.

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