In December 2019, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) contracted PPMI to develop educational toolkits for fighting gender stereotypes, based on the example of the transport sector, for primary and secondary school pupils. As part of this assignment, and in collaboration with educational and transport stakeholders in the EU, we will map the existing educational toolkits and freely available online material addressing gender stereotypes in general and in the transport sector in particular, gather and analyse information on current and future occupations in transport, and develop and test the two toolkits in schools.

The toolkits, which will be available in all 24 EU official languages, will help teachers organise age-appropriate discussions in class to effectively address gender stereotypes and help children and youth understand that occupations are not reserved for either women or men. Such an intervention is both needed and timely, given the persistent gender segregation in both education and the labour market and the changing landscape of skills and competences needed in transport.

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