The European Commission has launched the fourth international study to improve the knowledge of mobility patterns, working conditions and career paths of researchers. The European Commission has commissioned PPMI (Lithuania), in consortium with IDEA Consult (Belgium) and WIFO (Austria), to carry out this study which is known as MORE4 ( ).

This study involves two large surveys. The first one focuses on researchers currently working in one of the higher education institutes in the EU. The second survey will take a global perspective and focuses on EU and non-EU researchers currently working outside the EU.

If you are a researcher working in a non-European country, we invite you to complete the survey, which can be accessed through the following link:

Together, these two surveys will provide a comprehensive picture of researcher mobility and satisfaction worldwide.


Your input is very valuable to us. Please note that only aggregate data collected through this survey will be used for purposes of this study. Any personal data and individual answers will be treated as strictly confidential and processed anonymously. For more details please see the Specific Privacy Statement.

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