Last week, PPMI received the final approval from DG EAC and successfully finalised the 2020 Work Programme (WP2020) of NESET (Network of Experts working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training). This marks the end of the 2nd year for NESET (2019-2022), which is a successor to NESSE (2007-2010), NESET (2011-2014) and NESET II (2015-2018) networks.

During the year, the Network continued to expand to more than 65 network members who directly contribute to NESET deliverables and continuously grew its highly qualified database of educational experts, which now includes more than 80 experts. In 2020, NESET developed four analytical and one ad-hoc report. The analytical reports focused on critical aspects of the social dimension in education, namely: community engagement in higher education; micro-credentials; social and emotional education; and the impact of Covid-19 on higher education institutions. The ad-hoc request was focused on the state of research in foresight studies in the field of education and training. The reports received very positive feedback from DG EAC in terms of quality and smooth coordination. All the deliverables can be accessed freely on the NESET website.

Under the framework of WP2020 and in line with the generalised expansion of digital events due to the pandemic, NESET has also organised five online webinars to present the main findings of its analytical reports to the wider public. These events, organised in close cooperation with DG EAC, attracted hundreds of participants and fostered further discussions on important aspects of the social dimension of education and training. The webinars were broadcasted live and their corresponding recordings can be accessed here.   

Looking ahead, PPMI is very thrilled about the current year’s Work Programme, which will explore up-to-date educational issues and foresees new forms of collaboration with DG EAC, namely through the provision of on-demand expertise. To learn more about NESET, check our website and make sure you subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. You can also follow the Network’s updates on LinkedIn, Research Gate, and Facebook.

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