Last month, PPMI was commissioned to conduct the study: “Technical Support to UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO) for a Situation Analysis on Children Affected by Migration in Central Asia”. This project is the latest addition to PPMI’s work in Central Asia and to our collaboration with UNICEF.

The study aims to provide a comprehensive view of the situation of children affected by migration in Russia and Central Asia, and identify gaps in protection of their rights and needs. It is part of a wider collaboration between UNICEF and the EU on Protecting children affected by migration in Southeast, South, and Central Asia.

To conduct this research, PPMI has partnered with the Higher School of Economics in Russia, the Public Opinion Research Institute in Kazakhstan, Ernst&Young Baltics, as well as with national researchers in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The team will carry out comprehensive desk research and more than 200 interviews with relevant stakeholders in the region. Moreover, the research team will also conduct 400 interviews with migrant families in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The results of the project will inform a wide range of stakeholders on the situation of children affected by migration in Central Asia and feed the development of policies to respond to the current challenges.


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