Mid-October, PPMI signed a contract with the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development to study social challenges and solutions to address them in cities.

There is not a sufficiently in-depth understanding of the urban challenges cities currently are facing, especially due to COVID-19 and a neoliberal surge limiting the capacity of social security systems to respond efficiently. The purpose of this study is to provide the REGI Committee and the Client with an objective scientific perspective and analysis about social challenges in cities – in particular those linked to the needs of the most vulnerable groups – and of actions taken by cities to tackle these challenges.

During the 7-month study, PPMI, supported by key experts in housing policies, EU funding mechanisms and marginalized group issues, will conduct a comprehensive literature review, case studies and focus groups on the topic. The results of the study will include conclusions and recommendations for the future development of the EU Cohesion Policy and local-level policy to tackle inequalities and exclusion.

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