PPMI has completed a project for the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) on gender-responsive evaluation. The objective of the study was to contribute to EIGE’s preparatory work towards more effective and sustainable implementation of gender-responsive evaluation as a tool for gender mainstreaming in the EU.

More specifically, PPMI produced three analytical reports expanding the knowledge on the following key topics:

  • The EU evaluation framework and the opportunities it provides for a more systematic application of gender-responsive evaluation in the EU;
  • The state of play of gender-responsive evaluation in the EU and its Member States, including the state of institutionalisation, existing approaches, key actors and examples;
  • Approaches, practices and recommendations to consider environmental and climate action aspects in gender-responsive evaluations. 

In addition, PPMI prepared two knowledge-based awareness-raising products – an updated brief on gender-responsive evaluation for EIGE’s gender mainstreaming platform and an executive summary of the study.

The study relied on desk research, an interview programme and a stakeholder consultation. PPMI collaborated with external experts in gender-responsive evaluation, environmental evaluation and the climate-gender nexus to complete this project.

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