PPMI has completed the study on open access to publications and research data management and sharing within ERC projects commissioned by European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA).

The project was launched to better understand the current attitudes and practices among ERC funded researchers to the provision of open access to publications, research data management, sharing and reuse and broader open science practices. This study identified common challenges encountered by ERC funded researchers, and also incentives and support available to them, in particular, but not only, at the level of ERC host institutions.

The study employed several different research methods, including desk research, a survey of ERC beneficiaries, interviews and bibliometric analysis. It also produced case studies, which showcase the exemplary open science-related activities implemented in ERC projects. In addition, country profiles of EU-28 states and Switzerland, Norway and Israel were prepared presenting information related to legal provisions, policies and guidelines on open access, research data management and open science. The study was implemented by a consortium of the Public Policy and Management Institute (PPMI), the University of Göttingen, the University of Edinburgh, Science-Metrix, the Know-Center, and Athena Research Centre, as well as a number of country experts.

At the end of the project, study provided scenarios for the future development of the ERC’s approach towards open access to publications, research data management, sharing, and reuse, and open science more generally.


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