In cooperation with its partners PPMI successfully completed the EUPACK2019 project (‘Support for developing country knowledge on public administration’) for the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission. The project aimed at further developing a consistent overview of the characteristics and performance of public administrations in EU Member States, as well as further exploring the content, dynamics and outcomes of public administration reforms in these countries. From December 2018 to October 2019 the project team prepared 27 country reports on the characteristics and performance of national public administrations in EU27; a comparative overview of public administration characteristics and performance in EU28; 27 country reports on the context, process and outcomes of public administration reforms in EU27; and an overview report on public administration reform trends in EU27. Also, the project team organised three workshops on the assessment and measurement of the quality of public administration in the EU for Commission officials. By providing up-to-date country information, thematic knowledge and EU-wide comparisons (including the scorecard of EU28 Member States on public administration), the EUPACK2019 project informed the European Semester process and the management of the Structural Reform Support Programme, thus contributing to the formulation of EU public administration policy and its implementation in a more effective way.


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