Millions of children worldwide are experiencing violence at school, including various forms of violence such as physical, psychological and sexual violence, and bullying. To address this issue, UNESCO and its global partners launched a campaign called "Safe to Learn" which encourages governments to take action against school violence. Although teachers' role in creating a safe and non-violent learning environment is undisputed, comparable evidence on teachers' perceptions and knowledge about school violence is limited. UNESCO contracted PPMI to study how teachers see their role and abilities in preventing and addressing violent situations. The findings and recommendations will inform UNESCO about what efforts and interventions are necessary to increase teachers' capacity in this regard.


The global survey on teachers' role in addressing school violence received more than 34,700 responses from 158 countries. Based on the survey data analysis and focus groups with rural and urban teachers in Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand and Zambia, PPMI produced a Final Report. Besides, PPMI wrote analytical reports for ten countries with high shares of the survey respondents: Belarus, China, Ecuador, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Ukraine and Qatar.


This project is the first in PPMI for UNESCO.

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