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PPMI's research boosts monitoring of the European Child Guarantee!

20 May 2024

PPMI's research boosts monitoring of the European Child Guarantee!

In 2022, nearly a quarter of children in the European Union (EU) faced poverty or social exclusion, with teenagers aged 12-17 being the most vulnerable. To combat this, the EU introduced the European Child Guarantee (ECG), aiming to secure access to key services and support for every child's well-being and development.

Each EU Member State was required to create a national plan detailing the specific needs of children at risk, the strategies to meet these needs, and the benchmarks to measure success. However, as of March 2023, only seventeen countries had submitted their monitoring frameworks. Some of these frameworks were incomplete or lacked clear connections between their goals and the indicators used to measure them.

Commissioned by Eurofound, the Public Policy and Management Institute (PPMI) conducted a thorough analysis of these monitoring frameworks. The study, which combined desk research and interviews with key stakeholders—including government officials and EU representatives—aims to:

1. Evaluate how countries set and monitor targets, identifying both effective strategies and common pitfalls.
2. Offer recommendations on how to effectively track and enhance the implementation of the Child Guarantee.
3. Propose a set of EU-wide indicators to uniformly assess progress across all Member States.

This comprehensive study not only scrutinizes the existing frameworks but also engages directly with those involved in their creation and implementation, providing a well-rounded view of the current landscape and how it might be improved. The findings and recommendations from this study will serve as valuable resources for EU officials and national policymakers. They can use this information to develop or refine existing monitoring frameworks for the European Child Guarantee, ensuring more effective protection and support for vulnerable children across the EU.