Learning and development

Skill Set

A successful performance and career path at PPMI is based on several factors. Growth is outlined in the Competence Framework – our employees accumulate experience and develop competences, which are grouped into 5 key areas: analytical, methodological, written and verbal communication, management and leadership. The development of competences goes hand in hand with our Learning Policy (introduced below). We also pay close attention to each employee’s personal capacities and traits, such as showing initiative, taking personal responsibility and striving to constantly improve oneself, the team and the entire company.

Learning Policy

At PPMI, we foster learning – be it developing your current skills or embarking on a completely new personal challenge. We focus on 3 main levels of learning:

  1. Learning on the job and receiving continuous feedback as a way to improve;
  2. In-house training – we facilitate internal learning clusters on topics, such as qualitative and quantitative research, effective writing and others. After attending trainings outside the company we share our experience and best practices with fellow colleagues;
  3. External training can be organised at the initiative of the company (in the form of group trainings, such as as advanced-level Microsoft Excel courses), or at the request of an individual employee. The company recognises various types of trainings – conferences, summer/winter schools and online courses.
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