Happy office

At PPMI, actively promote a positive work environment and treasure each other's well-being. We value employee contributions and try to incorporate suggestions into day-to-day activities to create a truly happy office.

We do our best to keep our team healthy – physically and mentally. It starts with little things – fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the office, and ends with company-wide initiatives. Every year we invite our staff on city tours, organise a 6-month-long Endomondo challenge, cover vaccination fees and participation in various sports events. PPMI also encourages employee initiatives, such as lunch break exercise sessions, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We support flexible working hours and maintain regular check-ins with our employees to monitor wellbeing and implement changes accordingly.

In 2016 PPMI was awarded the title of ‘Wellness-fostering company’ by the Lithuanian Institute of Hygiene and Ministry of Health. Since then we have been actively sharing our good practices – such as promoting an active lifestyle in the office or helping our employees strengthen their mental resilience – with the general public.

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