Projects and expertise

Employment and Social Affairs Projects

Creating supportive conditions for high level and high quality of employment is among the most pressing challenges that modern societies put on their governments. Meanwhile, the public sector also has a key role in ensuring cohesion in the society by providing the right mix of redistribution and incentives. We provide services aimed at advising the public sector on formulating the employment and social policies as well as more specific initiatives in these fields. We can help to deal with the analytical challenges of horizontally integrating social and employment policy objectives into other policies. We conduct evaluations of various policy aspects at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the policy cycle. We assist our clients engaged in the development of policy monitoring frameworks, help them to select the appropriate indicators, establish the baseline and forecast future trends. We act as facilitators engaging the stakeholders, provide analytical support aimed at identifying the best international practices, and assist clients willing to organise policy networks and undertake peer reviews.


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