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Education and Youth Projects

Education policies, and such that are accessible and meet the needs of increasingly diverse populations, are at the heart of modern states and societies. In particular, the earlier stages of education have immense social value and to a large extent determine opportunities afforded to individuals in their professional success. The pace of change in the educational environment calls for more decentralised approaches to education and greater autonomy for educational institutions, along with greater focus on results-based management. We help policy makers by analysing the challenges and by collecting evidence for informed decision-making in the areas of education and youth. Our applied research draws on the most recent academic work in educational science, economics, psychology, political science and other relevant areas. We apply state of the art data collection and analysis methods to provide reliable conclusions and useful policy recommendations. Through our evaluations of policy interventions we suggest ways to improve their relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and added value. Finally, we help to use existing evidence to support the development of new policy initiatives, facilitate consultations with stakeholders and assist decision makers in the areas of education and youth in planning and implementing various policy learning activities.



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