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Country factsheets for the Gender Equality Index 2020

The purpose of this project was to develop concise information, data and analysis aiming at contextualizing the results obtained by the Gender Equality Index at country level. The project also aimed at producing analysis and communication materials based on the Gender Equality Index results. To this end, our team prepared two sets of deliverables: 28 policy briefs and 28 country factsheets for each EU Member State (plus the UK) and the EU. The policy briefs contextualise the Index results in relevant legal and policy developments over the past decade. They were prepared in collaboration with national researchers from all Member States (plus the UK), based on gender analysis of relevant legal and policy documents against the key achievements and challenges shown in the Gender Equality Index scores and indicators. The analysis also covered legal and policy developments relevant to the domain of violence against women and the thematic focus of the Index 2020 on digitalisation in the world of work. The country factsheets provide state of play, trend analysis and data visualisations of the Gender Equality Index related data (Index/domains/sub-domains/indicators), including its thematic focus. They were prepared based on a series of overlapping actions, including an in-depth quantitative analysis of all the Index datasets, the development and piloting of the structure and layout of a factsheet and population of the content.

Tailor-made analysis of country data and information supports the interpretation of progress in gender equality in the Member States and is relevant to stimulate the debate in the national context. The country factsheets of the Gender Equality Index 2020 are available as separate publications on EIGE's website, in the dedicated section to the Index.