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Analysis of EU industrial R&I investments on advanced materials in alignment with the innovation markets of the Materials 2030 Manifesto and in the context of their competitive sustainability in line with the European Green Deal initiative

The study will provide intelligence in industrial R&D&I investments on advanced materials in view of mapping and assessing the progress needed to meet the strategic objectives of the Materials 2030 Manifesto and Roadmap and to meet objectives of advanced materials for sustainable industries. The investment areas identified will be classified according to the 9 innovation markets considered in the Manifesto. Advanced materials are designed with a purpose to have novel or enhanced properties and improve performance over conventional materials in products and processes.

The analysis will include two parts: 1) Industrial R&D&I investments; and 2) market analysis.

The results will feed into policy discussions on advanced materials, including for sustainability at EU level and specifically to the preparation of a Commission coordinated plan on advanced materials and the strategic orientations for Horizon Europe. The work will be carried out in parallel to the preparation of a strategic materials agenda prepared by the Materials 2030 Initiative.

The methods that will be used for completion of the tasks: desk research and literature review, identification of advanced materials industries based on patent analysis, identification and mapping of companies to the advanced materials industries and technologies which will be followed by market analysis indicating market drivers, challenges, opportunities and trends. The research findings will be validated by the experts in the field of advanced materials.