Mariana Pinho

Mariana joined PPMI in 2018 as a researcher working on Health, Gender and Research and Innovation issues. Mariana obtained her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Lincoln (UK), and has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Porto (Portugal). Her previous research focused on Gender equality, Work and family balance, Parental involvement in childcare and social judgments. She has also done research for local government in Portugal regarding unemployment and effectiveness of strategies and policies implemented, and collaborated on research projects regarding Masculinity in the UK and Student Engagement at the University of Lincoln (UK).

Prior to joining PPMI, Mariana collaborated as a researcher at Sociological Research Laboratory at Mykolas Romeris Universtiy, she also worked for three years as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Lincoln and was a Clinical and Health Psychology Intern at Centro de Saúde Barão do Corvo (Health Centre) in Portugal.

Her native language is Portuguese, she has proficiency in English and basic knowledge of French and Lithuanian.


(2013 - 2017) PhD in Social Psychology University of Lincoln (UK)

(2010 - 2012) Master’s Degree in Psychology University of Porto (Portugal)

(2007 – 2010) Bachelor Degree in Psychology University of Porto (Portugal)

Erasmus student at Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania, 2009-2010)



(2013-2016)  PhD Scholarship: Faculty Bursary             University of Lincoln

(2014) Student Engagement Innovation Fund                University of Lincoln

100 for 100: International/home student engagement project



Study on data gathering and information for the 2018 ERA Progress Report (European Commission, DG RTD, 2018-ongoing).



Gaunt, R. & Pinho, M. (2017). Do sexist mothers change more diapers? Ambivalent sexism, maternal gatekeeping and the division of childcare. Sex Roles. doi:

Rosenmann, A., Kaplan, D., Gaunt, R., Pinho, M. & Guy, M. (2017) Consumer Masculinity Ideology: Conceptualization and Initial Findings on Men's Emerging Body Concerns. Psychology of Men and Masculinity. ISSN 1524-9220.

Pinho, M. & Gaunt, R. (2016) Stay-at-Home Fathers and Breadwinning Mothers: Modern Family Contexts. Paper presented at 5th Interdisciplinary International Pairfam Conference, Munich (Germany).

Pinho, M. & Gaunt, R. (2015) Stay-at-home fathers and breadwinning mothers: the future of de-gendered parenting. Postgraduate Student Conference, University of Lincoln (UK).

Noh, Z. & Pinho, M. (2015) Beyond your Journey: Break out of your bubble. Warwick/UKCISA Integration Summit, Warwick University (UK).

Pinho, M. & Poeschl, G. (2014) Gender Belief Systems and Perceptions of Homosexuality. Psychology, Sociology and Politics PhD Annual Conference, Sheffield Hallam University (UK).

Pinho, M. & Poeschl, G. (2014) The effects of marital status and sexual orientation on social judgements. Paper presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Birmingham (UK).

Pinho, M. (2014) My PhD Journey. Invited Speaker at Undergraduate Student Conference, University of Lincoln (UK).

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