Mantas Budraitis

Mantas has more than 7 years of experience in conducting studies and evaluations at national and EU levels, primarily in fields of higher education, research and innovation, and governance of public sector organisations, including such specific aspects as development and verification of various simplified forms of funding used when implementing EU-wide and national education and training programmes. As a Research Manager at PPMI, Mantas is responsible for planning of project activities, delegation of responsibilities and tasks to his junior colleagues and external experts, supervision of their work, contacts with the client, and close cooperation with project directors and team leaders.


Key areas of expertise

  • Policy areas: research and innovation, higher education, public management and governance
  • Methods: quantitative and qualitative research methods, including desk-based research, interviews, surveys, statistical analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, qualitative data analysis, etc. 
  • Project management: experience in proposal and report writing, coordination of research activities, contract management and day-to-day communication with clients and partners



  • MA in Public Administration, Vilnius University, 2011
  • BA in Political Science, Vilnius University, 2009 


Selected projects

Study “Developing ‘Off the Shelf’ Simplified Cost Options (SCOs) under Article 14.1 of the European Social Fund (ESF) regulation” (European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2017-ongoing)

Interim evaluation of Erasmus+ programme implementation in Lithuania (Education Exchange Support Foundation, 2017)

Study on fostering industrial talents in research at European level (European Commission, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, 2017-ongoing)

Provision of stakeholder feedback services for Cedefop’s performance measurement system (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop), 2017-ongoing)

Mid-term review of simplified grants used in the Erasmus+ programme (European Commission, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, 2016-2017)

3rd interim evaluation of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2015-2016)

Study “Research Careers in Europe” (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2014-2016)

Evaluation of the Information Policy on the CAP (European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, 2014- up to date)

Study on assessing the contribution of the Framework Programmes to the development of human research capacity (European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, 2014)

The study on the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) model to be implemented in Lithuania after 2013 (Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, 2013-2014)

Evaluation of the performance of the Director of the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the ETF‘s duties and requirements in the coming years (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2013)

Strategic evaluation of education and research policy priorities in the new perspective for EU 2014-2020 Structural Funds programming (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, 2012-2013)

FP7 Marie Curie Actions Interim Evaluation (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2011-2013)Interim evaluation of Erasmus Mundus II (2009-2013) (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2011-2012)

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Lithuanian science and industry R&D cooperation policy mix (Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011)

Services to evaluate the quality, efficiency and continuity of studies and reports financed from the EU structural funds in the 2007-2013 programming period (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011)

Interim evaluation of the Life-long Learning Programme 2007-2009 (European Commission, DG Education and Culture, 2009-2010)

The evaluation of the impact of the EU instruments affecting children's rights with a view to assessing the level of protection and promotion of children's rights in the EU (European Commission, DG Justice, 2009-2011)

Evaluation of strategic and program documents of Lithuanian regional policy (Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, 2008)


Selected publications

Budraitis, M. and V. Nakrošis, „Mapping of the Agencies Under the Lithuanian Ministries: How Do the Mapping Data Explain Organisational Birth, Maintenance and Death". In Nakrošis, V. and Ž. Martinaitis (eds.) Lithuanian Agencies and Other Public Sector Organisations: Organisation, Autonomy, Control and Performance. Vilnius: Vilnius University, 2011, pp. 84-109.

Nakrošis, V. and M. Budraitis, „Longitudinal Change in Lithuanian Agencies". International Journal of Public Administration, Volume 35, Number 12, 1 October 2012 , pp. 820-831.


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